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Wallis and Futuna

Wallis and Futuna Public Holidays

Discover upcoming public holiday dates for Wallis and Futuna and start planning to make the most of your time off.

Wallis and Futuna are a territory of France and are governed under French laws. All public holidays are regulated under the Labour Laws of France. The residents of Wallis and Futuna celebrate all of the 11 national holidays observed in France with an additional two holidays that are specific to the islands.

Under French labour laws, employees are entitled to a day off with pay for all public holidays. If the employee is required to work due to the nature of their job, they must be given a day off with pay in lieu of the holiday or paid a premium rate of one and one half their hourly wage for all hours worked on that holiday.

Any holiday which falls on a weekend date will remain on that date. Holidays are not moved to the following Monday for observation. It should be noted that Whit Monday is no longer observed officially in France. However, this holiday is still on the official list of public holidays and is celebrated in Wallis and Futuna.

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