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National Day
Wallis and Futuna

National Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Wallis and Futuna

Fete National, or French National Day, is observed in Wallis and Futuna on 14 July. Wallis and Futuna Islands are under French control, and thus, celebrate French national public holidays just as much as France itself.

202414 JulSunNational Day
202514 JulMonNational Day
202614 JulTueNational Day
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The vast majority of the population on Wallis and Futuna is Polynesian in both language and culture, although French language and culture has also had a big impact and mixed itself in. National Day celebrations here are very family-centred and may involve heading to the sandy beach shore or even camping out on the beach for a few days.

The history involved in French National Day, also called Bastille Day, seems remote to the islanders here, but the spirit of liberty that it represents is close to the heart of the people. They watch fireworks displays, take part in parades, have family reunions and feasts, and honour the day and its meaning in a big way.

Previous Years

202314 JulFriNational Day
202214 JulThuNational Day