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American Samoa Public Holidays

Discover upcoming public holiday dates for American Samoa and start planning to make the most of your time off.

American Samoa celebrates 12 national holidays and two half day holidays each year. Most of the holidays that are celebrated within the territory coincide with those celebrated in the United States. The additional holidays that are celebrated in this territory are specific to American Samoa.

American Samoa labor laws do not specify that employers must pay their employees for public holidays. However, just like in the United States mainland, many employer opt to give employees a paid day off for national holidays. Employers who provide employees with a paid day off as part of their benefits package may substitute paid days off if the employee needs to be present at work during a public holiday.

All holidays are regulated by the American government under the Department of the Interior, Department of Labor and Congress. Island government officials also hold the authority to deem one-time national holidays for special events. All holidays that occur on the weekend are celebrated on the following Monday.

The Office of the Governor of American Samoa will release an official list at the end of each year for official holiday dates for the following year.

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