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Flag Day
American Samoa

Flag Day 2025 and 2026 in American Samoa

Every 17 April is Flag Day in American Samoa to commemorate the adoption of the first and current flag of American Samoa on that date in the year 1960.

202517 AprThuFlag Day
202617 AprFriFlag Day
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The flag features a white pendant with a red edging cutting into a blue background. Red, white, and blue are the traditional colours of both Samoa and of the USA. A bald eagle, showing the country’s connection with the USA, is also on the flag. The eagle clutches a war club and a fly whisk, which represent, respectively, the power of the state and the wisdom of traditional Samoan leadership and culture.

Interestingly, Samoa never had any flag at all until after the arrival of the European and US colonisers. The USA, Germany, and the UK divided the Samoan islands among themselves in 1899, but Germany lost its zone to the UK during World War I. The UK portion eventually went to New Zealand and then became modern Samoa. The US portion became American Samoa. The US flag was the official flag of American Samoa from 1900 until 1960 when the country finally adopted its own official flag.

On Flag Day, the flag of American Samoa is on full display all across this island nation. The US flag may also be flown due to the close relationship between these two countries.

Previous Years

202417 AprWedFlag Day
202317 AprMonFlag Day