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Memorial Day
American Samoa

Memorial Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in American Samoa

American Samoa mostly follows the same holiday calendar as the United States with which it is closely associated. This includes Memorial Day on the final Monday of May. Given that many from American Samoa have joined the US Armed Forces, this holiday takes on special significance to many families in the country.

202230 MayMonMemorial Day
202329 MayMonMemorial Day
202427 MayMonMemorial Day
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The purpose of Memorial Day is to honour and remember the dead who once served in the Armed Forces, particularly those who died during their term of service. Originally, this holiday was held on 30 May, but the date was moved to the last Monday of May in 1970 to ensure a long weekend.

There is an annual event at the Veterans’ Affairs Centre in the town of Tafuna. Sometimes, it is held in Satala Cemetery. Honour guards conduct the ceremony, and commemorative wreaths are laid to rest on the ocean’s waves. For most families in American Samoa, Memorial Day Weekend is also a time to visit and decorate the graves of deceased family members or friends.

Previous Years

202131 MayMonMemorial Day
202025 MayMonMemorial Day
201927 MayMonMemorial Day
201828 MayMonMemorial Day
201729 MayMonMemorial Day