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President's Day
American Samoa

President’s Day 2025 and 2026 in American Samoa

American Samoa celebrates the US holiday of President’s Day on the third Monday of February. Celebrations usually involve parades, family gatherings, and cookouts. In American Samoa, some head to the beaches during the three-day weekend created by this holiday.

202517 FebMonPresident's Day
202616 FebMonPresident's Day
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President’s Day has a long history. Following the death of George Washington, the first US President, annual observances of his birthday started to occur. These were unofficial at first, but Washington’s Birthday became a holiday in Washington D.C. and then throughout the in 1885.

But in 1971, the Uniform Monday Holiday Act was passed, moving the holiday to its current date. It was renamed President’s Day as well. In a few states, Washington’s Birthday or Lincoln’s Birthday are still celebrated separately on top of President’s Day, but President’s Day has mostly taken their place.

This holiday is a time to remember and honour any and all US Presidents and their accomplishments. The date never coincides with the actual birthday of any US President. Schools, government offices, and many businesses shut down for President’s Day in American Samoa as in the US.

Previous Years

202419 FebMonPresident's Day
202320 FebMonPresident's Day