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Labor Day
American Samoa

Labor Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in American Samoa

American Samoa, along with the United States, observes Labor Day on the first Monday of September. Most other countries celebrate Labour Day on 1 May.

20242 SepMonLabor Day
20251 SepMonLabor Day
20267 SepMonLabor Day
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In the US, the idea of observing a special day set aside for workers on the first Monday of September grew gradually and spread from New York City to the whole nation between 1884 and 1894. The date 1 May was avoided because it was associated with the infamous Haymarket Square Riots that occurred on 1 May in the year 1886.

Most families in American Samoa will do something to observe the day. It could be a simple at-home celebration with a family feast to enjoy. It could be spending time at the local beach. Some also work in the garden, do chores at home, watch TV, or just sleep – a much-needed pastime for tired workers!

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