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Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 public holidays for Turkmenistan. Please scroll down to view.

Turkmenistan is a country located in Central Asia which celebrates 12 national holidays. Some of these holidays are multi-day events. Turkmenistan also has several commemorative days throughout the year that are not nationally recognised as holidays, but are nevertheless celebrated throughout the country.

The Labour Laws of Turkmenistan provide employees with a paid day off from work for all national holidays. Commemoration days are not included in these paid days off. Employers are required to provide employees with a paid day off in lieu of the holiday if their job position requires them to work on a national holiday.

The government of Turkmenistan is still fairly new. The Office of the President currently holds all authority for national holidays. This office also has the authority to add one-time non-working paid holidays during the year if it is determined that they are necessary.

Some of the holidays celebrated in Turkmenistan are based on the Muslim faith. These holidays occur on different dates each year because these celebration dates are determined by the lunar cycle. The official dates for these celebrations are released by the President through one of the Ministry’s at the end of each year. All employers are required to abide by these celebration dates, regardless of when they occur.

Religious and Cultural Holidays

Almost the entire population of Turkmenistan practices the Muslim faith. However, there are small pockets of people throughout the country that do practice other religious or have different cultural beliefs. The government of Turkmenistan acknowledges that these holidays occur, but does not recognise them as official national holidays or days of commemoration.

Public Holidays 2017

1 JanSunNew Year
12 JanThuMemorial Day
19 FebSunNational Flag Day
8 MarWedInternational Women's Day
21 MarTueNational Spring Holiday
22 MarWedNational Spring Holiday
9 MayTueVictory Day
18 MayThuRevival and Unity Day /
Magtymguly Day
26 JunMonEid al-Fitr
2 SepSatEid al-Adha
3 SepSunEid al-Adha Holiday
4 SepMonEid al-Adha Holiday
6 OctFriDay of Remembrance of the victims of the
earthquake in 1948
27 OctFriIndependence Day
28 OctSatIndependence Day
12 DecTueNeutrality Day