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Constitution and Magtymguly Day

Constitution and Magtymguly Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan’s Constitution and Flag Day was celebrated for the first time on 18 May 2018. Previously, the holiday held on 18 May was known as Constitution and Magtymguly Day.

202418 MaySatConstitution and Magtymguly Day
202518 MaySunConstitution and Magtymguly Day
202618 MayMonConstitution and Magtymguly Day
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Constitution and Magtymguly Day commemorated the adoption of Turkmenistan’s current constitution on 18 May 1992 and honoured the country’s most famous poet, Magtymguly Fraghi.

However, in 2017, Flag Day was combined with Constitution Day to bring together the celebrations of the two most powerful symbols of Turkmenistan’s sovereignty. And Magtymguly Day was also moved to 27 June, combined with Day of Culture and Art Workers.

The constitution of Turkmenistan has been amended six times since its adoption in 1992. It established a “presidential republic”, and any part of it can be amended through due process except for the basic form of government.

A solemn flower-laying ceremony takes place every 18 May at the Monument to the Constitution, and there are also concerts and many other cultural and patriotic events throughout the country.

The public reciting of poetry written by Magtymguly Fraghi will now be done on 27 June instead, but don’t surprised if you hear a few of Magtymguly’s works quoted here and there on Constitution and Flag Day due to their patriotic character.

Previous Years

202318 MayThuConstitution and Magtymguly Day
202218 MayWedConstitution and Magtymguly Day