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Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 public holidays for Tajikistan. Please scroll down to view.

The Republic of Tajikistan is located in Central Asia and currently celebrates 13 national holidays. One of these national holidays is usually spread out over a three or four-day celebration. Several of the holidays that are celebrated within Tajikistan are based on the lunar cycle and the dates will change each year.

National holidays are regulated by the Laws of the Republic of Tajikistan on Public Holidays. These laws are also found in the Tajikistan Labor Code. The law provides the president of Tajikistan with the authority to create new holidays that are one-time events if necessary or to propose new holidays that will reoccur each year. At this time, the Parliament is considering a new national holiday honouring the long time president’s birthdate. The holiday laws also provide the government with the authority to move a holiday celebration to the following Monday if it falls on a day of rest.

According to Chapter 6, Article 83 of the Labour Code of Tajikistan, employers must provide all employees with a paid day off for a national holiday, with the exception of three special holidays. This Article further states that if the employees are required to work on a national holiday based on the job that is performed, then a substitute paid day off must be given to the employee.

The Labour Code also states that employers must provide employees with a shortened work day by at least one hour the day before a national holiday. This is mandatory, even if the person is required to work on the holiday. The only exception is if the day before the holiday is a weekend day or day of rest.

The government of Tajikistan also officially recognises the following three holidays as national holidays, but employers are not required to provide early dismissal on the prior day or a paid day off for these celebrations.

  • July 22 – Celebration of the Tajik Language
  • In Fall – Mehrgon – Persian Autumn Festival
  • In Fall – Sada- Persian Harvest Festival

Religious, Cultural and Linguistic Holidays

Tajikistan has a few sects within the country that may celebrate different religious holidays or different dates for the same holidays based on which Muslim calendar they are using to calculate the holidays. While the government of Tajikistan recognises that these differences occur, the country is only required to observe the official dates for these celebrations.

Public Holidays 2017

1 JanSunNew Year's Day
2 JanMonNew Year's Holiday
8 MarWedInternational Women's Day
21 MarTueNavruz Celebration
22 MarWedNavruz Celebration
23 MarThuNavruz Celebration
24 MarFriNavruz Celebration
1 MayMonInternational Day of Solidarity
9 MayTueVictory Day
25 JunSunIdi Ramazon / Ramadan Celebration
26 JunMonIdi Ramazon / Ramadan Celebration Holiday
27 JunTueDay of National Unity / Reconciliation
1 SepFriIdi Qurbon / Kurban Bayram Celebration
9 SepSatIndependence Day
11 SepMonIndependence Day Holiday
6 NovMonConstitution Day