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National Unity Day

National Unity Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Tajikistan

June 27 is National Unity Day in Tajikistan to commemorate the end of the five-year civil war that raged from 1992 till 1997.

202327 JunTueNational Unity Day
202427 JunThuNational Unity Day
202527 JunFriNational Unity Day
202627 JunSatNational Unity Day
29 JunMonNational Unity Day Holiday
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After Tajikistan declared itself independent of the USSR in 1991, hopes were high that peace would accompany the nation’s newfound freedom. However, when Rahmon Nabiyev prevailed in the first presidential election, opposition to his policies began to grow.

After only the first few months of president Nabiyev’s term, anti-government demonstrations began to pop up. Soon, both sides began forming militias. By May of 1992, an all-out civil war had erupted.

Nabiyev was ousted by September of 1992, but that did not solve the conflict. The disagreements ran deeper than that, and foreign powers were interfering to keep the fighting going. Russia supported the pro-government side, while Afghan, Taliban, and Al Qaeda forces supported opposition groups.

On 27 June 1997, the war ended when a ceasefire was agreed to by both sides. Some say that as many as 100,000 died in the civil war and over a million people were driven from their homes.

On National Unity Day, the president of Tajikistan will typically give a speech promoting national unity. And there will also be official government ceremonies of a very solemn character held on this day.

Previous Years

202227 JunMonNational Unity Day
202127 JunSunNational Unity Day
28 JunMonNational Unity Day Holiday
202027 JunSatNational Unity Day
201927 JunThuNational Unity Day
201827 JunWedNational Unity Day
201727 JunTueNational Unity Day