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Independence Day

Independence Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Tajikistan

Independence Day in Tajikistan is celebrated every 9 September. The date looks back to the nation’s independence from the USSR back in 1991.

20249 SepMonIndependence Day
20259 SepTueIndependence Day
20269 SepWedIndependence Day
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In 1924, while under Soviet rule, an “autonomous” Tajik enclave was created within Uzbek SSR. Then, in 1929, Tajik SSR became a separate Soviet Socialist Republic. This was still far short of independence, of course, but without being a separate republic in the Soviet Union first, there might never have been an independent Tajikistan.

During the 80’s, the dire poverty and lack of equal rights in Tajikistan began to give rise to a nationalist movement. In 1990, a real full-fledged independence struggle was beginning. But only a year later, on 9 September, 1991, the struggle ended with Tajikistan being recognised as an independent nation.

Sadly, a civil war then raged on from 1992 till 1997. But today, there is much greater stability in the country, and the economy is beginning to grow and counteract the ongoing poverty.

Every 9 September, the people of Tajikistan celebrate their freedom from the control of the Soviet Union as well as Tajik and other cultures that exist in the nation.

Previous Years

20239 SepSatIndependence Day
11 SepMonIndependence Day Holiday
20229 SepFriIndependence Day