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Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 public holidays for Mongolia. Please scroll down to view.

Mongolia, known as the “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky” was aptly named for its climate. It is estimated that the country enjoys more than 250 days of sunshine per year. Mongolia, a landlocked country in east-central Asia is home to approximately three million people, 30 percent of whom are described as nomadic. According to statistics provided by the World Bank, more than 25 percent of the population earns less than USD$1.25 per day, which is substantially lower than the worldwide poverty levels.

The entitlement to national public holidays is regulated by the Labour Code of Mongolia, initially established in 1999. Several amendments have been added during the last decade in order to provide adequate paid time off for all employees. Employee entitlement to public holidays is discretionary, based on employment contracts or union bargaining agreements. The Labour Code is unclear as to which holidays are actually designated as ¬national holidays. Laws establish that every employee is entitled to at least 13 paid holidays per year.

As a predominately Buddhist country, many holidays are based on religious culture including Tsagaan Sar, known as the Lunar New Year and Naadam Holiday, which coincides with a five-day festival in July. It is unclear as to the actual number of paid days are allowed to employees. Mongolia also honors numerous observances including Constitution Day, Repression Victims’ ’ Day and Human Rights Day. Many politically-inspired observances may or may not be recognized as official holidays.

In addition to basic wages, as set forth in employment contracts or bargaining agreements, an employer may pay employees additional wages or bonuses. These payments are generally based on performance ratings and length of service with an employer. Terms and conditions of bonus payments are outlined in employment agreements. Mongolian labour laws mandate that an employee is not permitted to work more than eight hours per day. Every employee is entitled to a mandatory rest period after every two consecutive working days. The weekly rest period cannot be less than 12 hours at any given time. Mongolian labour laws prohibit employers from requiring an employee to perform overtime work unless in the event of a natural or public disaster.

According to the Mongolian Labour Code, if an employee is required to work overtime or on daily rest days, he or she is entitled to receive compensatory time off or shall be paid one-and-one-half times the normal wage, known as time and one -half. Vacation time is typically established by the average wage over 12 consecutive months of employment.

Public Holidays 2017

1 JanSunNew Year's Day
26 FebSunBituun (Lunar New Year's Eve)
27 FebMonLunar New Year / Tsagaan Sar
(Year of the Red Hen)
28 FebTueLunar New Year Holiday
1 MarWedLunar New Year Holiday
8 MarWedInternational Women's Day
1 JunThuMothers' and Children's Day
11 JulTueNaadam Holiday
12 JulWedNaadam Holiday
13 JulThuNaadam Holiday
14 JulFriNaadam Holiday
15 JulSatNaadam Holiday
5 NovSunGenghis Khan's Birthday
29 DecFriIndependence Day