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Republic Day

Republic Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Mongolia

Republic Day in Mongolia is celebrated every 26 November to remember the establishment of the People’s Republic of Mongolia back in 1924.

202426 NovTueRepublic Day
202526 NovWedRepublic Day
202626 NovThuRepublic Day
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The background of Republic Day goes back to 1911, when the Chinese Qing Dynasty fell and Mongolia, which had been ruled by it, declared its independence. A new republic emerged in China, and China invaded to reclaim “its Mongolian territory” in 1919. But Soviet Russian forces then invaded to push out the Chinese forces in 1920, and did so.

This led to an alliance between Mongolia and Soviet Russia, the stationing of Soviet troops in Mongolia, and the establishment of a Communist government over Mongolia after the last Khaan died.

But in 1990, massive anti-government demonstrations of the people put pressure on the ruling party to allow for multi-party elections. This happened in July of 1990, but the ruling party won with a whopping 85 percent of the vote. However, in 1996, they lost power in a new election.

After the full withdrawal of all Soviet troops from Mongolia in 1992, Mongolia began a policy of maintaining equally friendly relations with both Russia and China.

Previous Years

202326 NovSunRepublic Day
202226 NovSatRepublic Day
202126 NovFriRepublic Day
202026 NovThuRepublic Day
201926 NovTueRepublic Day
201826 NovMonRepublic Day
201726 NovSunRepublic Day