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Kyrgyzstan Public Holidays

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Officially known as the Kyrgyz Republic, this country currently celebrates 13 national holidays. Many of these holidays occur over a several day celebration. The Kyrgyz government often adds public holidays to the calendar each year to extend celebrations. The most common time for this to happen is during the first week of May.

Holidays in Kyrgyzstan are governed by the Labour Code of Kyrgyzstan 2004 which is an amended version of the original 1997 Code. Section 155 of the labour code establishes national holidays and gives the government the right to enact one-time holidays each year and to move holidays occurring on a weekend to the next following work day.

Section 165 of the Labor Code amended in 2002 requires that all employers provide employees with a paid day off for national holidays. If the employees are required to perform work on these days, employers must provide them with premium pay or a different day off in lieu of the holiday. The choice of which way the employee is compensated is based on the working contract.

The first week of May has three national holidays that are celebrated. Often, the government of Kyrgyzstan will declare a few of the days in between these holidays as national observance days, creating a 9-day national holiday period.

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