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Constitution Day

Constitution Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Kyrgyzstan

Each 5 May is Constitution Day in Kyrgyzstan to mark the day in 1993 that Kyrgyzstan passed its first constitution following breaking away from the USSR.

20245 MaySunConstitution Day
6 MayMonConstitution Day Holiday
20255 MayMonConstitution Day
20265 MayTueConstitution Day
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Although Kyrgyzstan declared its independence in 1991 and began to operate under a “new supreme law” that overrode the old Soviet-era constitution, that law did not become the official constitution of Kyrgyzstan until 5 May, 1993. And even though a second constitution was adopted in 2010, the 5 May date of the passing of the first one remains a national holiday. The second, and present, constitution moved more power from the president to the new parliament it created.

In the 1993 constitution, the people of Kyrgyzstan established their independence, unity as a nation, and their status as a secular, socialistic democracy. They also established separate branches of government with separated powers and the right to vote for all Kyrgyzstan’s citizens.

There are not a lot of events and celebrations that take place on Constitution Day in Kyrgyzstan, but there is an important speech given by the president. And the people remember this day as in important step in their move from a totalitarian to a democratic state.

Previous Years

20235 MayFriConstitution Day
20225 MayThuConstitution Day
20215 MayWedConstitution Day
20205 MayTueConstitution Day
20195 MaySunConstitution Day
6 MayMonConstitution Day Holiday
20185 MaySatConstitution Day
20175 MayFriConstitution Day