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Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 public holidays for Bhutan. Please scroll down to view.

The Labour & Employment Act of 2007 establishes employment and labour regulations in Bhutan, including entitlement to paid holidays and annual leave. The majority of public holidays in Bhutan are based on traditional Asian religious and cultural observances. All employees are entitled to a minimum of nine paid holidays per year including the Birthday of His Majesty the King and National Day.

Holidays are paid at an employee’s regular salary. An employer may allow an employee to substitute a public holiday for another holiday. If an employee is requested to work on a nationally recognized holiday, compensation is paid at normal wages, in addition to a 50 percent bonus, which amounts to time and one-half.

Significant religious holidays include Lord Buddha’s Parinirvena, the Birthday of Guru Rinpoche and Durkpa Tshezhi, in honor of the first sermon delivered by Buddha, Dasham and the National Day of Bhutan. Buddhist spiritual observances and festivals are held throughout the country. Time off for regional and territorial observances are at the discretion of the employer and subject to the terms of an employment contract or bargaining agreement.

Labour Laws in Bhutan

The Labour Code regulates wages, overtime compensation, benefis and entitlement to casual and annual leave. One of the goals established by the 2007 Labour Act is to prohibit forced labor and child labor which have been rampant throughout the country for several decades. According to the Labour Ministry, the maximum number of hours permitted during a day or on a weekly basis is determined by executive orders issued when changes to the law are adopted. Employees in Bhutan cannot be required to work more than the maximum hours specified by law. The Labour Code is silent on the maximum working hours, as these provisions are set forth in employment agreements.

All employees in Bhutan are entitled to annual leave and casual leave, in addition to nine paid holidays. Bhutan’s labour laws do not specify the number of vacation days to which an employee is entitled. As with most countries in the region, casual leave, rest periods and annual leave are specified in an employment contract and are solely at the discretion of an employer.

Public Holidays 2017

2 JanMonWinter Solstice (Nyilo)
28 JanSatTraditional Day of Offerings
21 FebTueBirth Anniversary of Fifth King HM Jigme
Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
22 FebWedBirth Anniversary of Fifth King HM Jigme
Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
23 FebThuBirth Anniversary of Fifth King HM Jigme
Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
27 FebMonLosar (New Year)
Year of the Fire Female Bird
28 FebTueLosar (New Year)
Year of the Fire Female Bird
2 MayTueBirth Anniversary of Third King HM Jigme
Dorje Wangchuck
5 MayFriShabdrung Kuchoe
9 JunFriLord Buddha's Parinirvana
3 JulMonBirth Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche
27 JulThuFirst Sermon of Lord Buddha
23 SepSatBlessed Rainy Day
26 SepTueThimphu Drupchen Dromchoe
(For Thimpu Only)
30 SepSatDashain (Nepali Festival)
30 SepSatThimphu Tshechu
(Thimphu Only)
1 OctSunThimphu Tshechu
(Thimphu Only)
2 OctMonThimphu Tshechu
(Thimphu Only)
1 NovWedCoronation of Fifth King HM Jigme
Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck
10 NovFriDescending Day of Lord Buddha
11 NovSatBirth Anniversary of Fourth King Jigme
Singye Wangchuck / Constitution Day
17 DecSunNational Day

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