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Shabdrung Kuchoe

Shabdrung Kuchoe 2025 and 2026 in Bhutan

Shabdrung Kuchoe celebrates the death anniversary of “The Shabdrung”, who is credited with founding the Buddhist Drukpa lineage in Bhutan and with establishing the Kagyu school of Buddhism in the country.

20257 MayWedShabdrung Kuchoe
202626 AprSunShabdrung Kuchoe
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Shabdrung was born in Tibet in 1594 and died in Bhutan in 1651. His death anniversary occurs on the tenth day of the Buddhist Calendar’s fourth month, but typically falls sometime in April of May on the Gregorian Calendar.

Bhutan honours Shabdrung immensely, with only Buddha and Guru Rimpoche who first brought Buddhism to the country receiving greater reverence.

The special lineage of religious leaders begun by Shabdrung in Bhutan is much akin to the position of the Dalai Lama and his kin in Tibet. But Shabdrung’s lineage is also respected for political reasons since he succeeded in effecting the unification of much of Bhutan under one ruler.

During Shabdrung Kuchoe, there are numerous religious rituals performed at temples, dzongs, and other religious sites all over Bhutan. There are special prayers offered and funerary services held for the now long since deceased “Rinpoche Shabdrung”, or “precious Shabdrung”.

Previous Years

202418 AprThuShabdrung Kuchoe
202330 AprSunShabdrung Kuchoe