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Blessed Rainy Day

Blessed Rainy Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Bhutan

Every 23 September is a national holiday in Bhutan called “Blessed Rainy Day”, or “Thrue-Bab” in the local language.

202422 SepSunBlessed Rainy Day
202523 SepTueBlessed Rainy Day
202623 SepWedBlessed Rainy Day
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Blessed Rainy Day arrives near the end of the annual monsoons, at the end of the agricultural season, and at the beginning of harvest time. It is considered an especially holy day on the Buddhist calendar.

The tradition is for people to take a bath outside on this day, and it is believed that “bad karma” from any bad deeds in the past year will be washed away. This bath is supposed to also get rid of diseases, bad luck, and other negative influences. Taking the Blessed Rainy Day bath early in the morning at the hour recommended by astrologers is thought to guarantee the biggest possible benefit.

Other traditions of the day include trying one’s hand at archery or at “khuru”, a traditional Bhutanese dart game that is played outside where large darts are hurled at wooden posts.

Previous Years

202324 SepSunBlessed Rainy Day
202223 SepFriBlessed Rainy Day