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Coronation of His Majesty the King

Coronation of His Majesty the King 2019 and 2020 in Bhutan

The Anniversary of the Coronation of His Majesty the King every 1 November is a national public holiday in the Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan.

20191 NovFriCoronation of His Majesty the King
20201 NovSunCoronation of His Majesty the King

The current monarch of Bhutan, King Jigme Khesar, became king upon the abdication of his father in December of 2006. However, he was not formally and publicly crowned as the new king until 1 November, 2008. The year 2008 also marked the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the current dynasty of Bhutanese kings.

That first coronation was extremely ritualistic and festive. There were literally thousands of high-ranking government officials in attendance, many of them from foreign lands. There were colourful banners and painted signs cluttering the streets, and floral decorations were set up at points in the capital city.

Since his instalment as king, Khesar has led in efforts to democratise Bhutan and in land reform. He is very popular and is affectionately referred to as “The People’s King”.