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Uzbekistan Public Holidays

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Uzbekistan currently celebrates nine national holidays each year. Several of these celebrations are calculated on a lunar cycle and may fall on a different date each year. The government of Uzbekistan requires all employers to acknowledge these holidays each year regardless of the dates they occur.

The national holidays are regulated by the Constitution of Uzbekistan and employers are regulated under the Uzbek Labour Laws. The constitution provides the president of Uzbekistan with the authority to declare additional holidays each year if desired. The president often declares at least one additional date each year in an effort to create at least one “long holiday” each year.

Persian New Year is often celebrated over several days. However, the government of Uzbekistan only requires employers to acknowledge the last day of the celebration as a national holiday.

Section 77 of the Labour Code of Uzbekistan provides employees with a guaranteed day off for national holidays. However, if employees are paid for national holidays will be determined by their personal employment contracts.

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