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Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Uzbekistan

Teacher’s Day is a holiday every 1 October in Uzbekistan to honour the nation’s professional teachers. Uzbeks have long held wisdom and skills passed on from generation to generation in high esteem, as well as those who teach them. That cultural value blends in well with the spirit and purpose of Teacher’s Day.

20241 OctTueTeacher's Day
20251 OctWedTeacher's Day
20261 OctThuTeacher's Day
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On Teacher’s Day, schools and colleges around Uzbekistan may put on special plays, parodies, musical concerts, and other performances. Also, students take time to thank their teachers for all their hard work and devotion, and graduates from colleges may return to meet with past professors just to thank them.

Teacher’s Day is only a little over a decade old as an official holiday in Uzbekistan, but it has caught on fast as an indispensable tradition that the people wholeheartedly embrace. People focus not just on the knowledge of facts and school subjects passed on by teachers, but also on the lessons in morals and kindness that past teachers helped instil in them.

Previous Years

20231 OctSunTeacher's Day
20221 OctSatTeacher's Day