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Day of Defenders of the Native Land

Day of Defenders of the Native Land 2021 and 2022 in Uzbekistan

Every 14 January is Day of Defenders of the Native Land in Uzbekistan. The holiday is also sometimes called, “Day of Defenders of the Motherland”.

202114 JanThuDay of Defenders of the Native land
202214 JanFriDay of Defenders of the Native land

The holiday commemorates the formation of an independent Uzbekistan Armed Force on 14 January 1992, as part of the overall thrust toward full independence from the rapidly falling apart USSR. In order to maintain independence and to hold the country together for the long term, it was seen that a strong national armed forces would be necessary.

In theory, all men in the country are honoured on Defenders’ Day since all men are to defend their family and the country out of a sense of duty and love. But the main event is an awards ceremony for all members of the Armed Forces, who assemble and line up in full formal military attire for the event.

During the ceremony, many leaders of the nation officially thank the members of the military for their brave service, and the troops finally march around the square to the sound of orchestra music. A parade ensues, and some also stop off to lay down a wreath at the national monument to Uzbekistan’s independence.