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Tokelau Public Holidays

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Tokelau is not considered self-governing because they rely on New Zealand for all of their necessities both internally and externally. However, each village within the islands have leaders and these leaders form the General Fono of the country, or the leadership. It is the General Fono which establishes the public holidays celebrated in Tokelau.

Tokelau celebrates 10 public holidays each year. These holidays are specific to the atoll and not to New Zealand. While islanders acknowledge the holidays celebrated in New Zealand, they are not non-working days in the atolls. In addition to the 10 public holidays, each atoll has a specific holiday that they observe as a public holiday that is specific to their island.

Under Tokelau law, every Sunday is considered a holiday and all businesses should be closed. If a public holiday occurs on a Sunday, it is observed on the following Monday. If a two day public holiday occurs with one date falling on Sunday, an extra day is added to the celebration on the following Monday or Tuesday. Holidays which occur on a Saturday remain on that date.

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