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Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Tokelau

Father’s Day in Tokelau is celebrated on the Monday immediately following the second Sunday of every August. While having public holiday status in Tokelau, Father’s Day actually gets only minimal attention here. It is treated as a “minor holiday”.

202412 AugMonFather's Day Holiday
202511 AugMonFather's Day Holiday
202610 AugMonFather's Day Holiday
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Originally, Father’s Day began as an intentional counterpart to Mother’s Day. It was first celebrated in the US, but it soon spread from there to other parts of the world. But many countries selected their own dates for Father’s Day instead of using the June date of the American holiday. Thus, Tokelau and nearby Samoa put the holiday in mid-August.

In Tokelau, some will attend a special church service on or near to the date of Father’s Day. The sermon may focus on things like the gift and responsibilities of fatherhood, Biblical examples of good fathers, or the Fatherhood of God. At home, families will give cards, small gifts, and words of encouragement to Dad, and they may treat him to a special meal at home or in a restaurant.

Previous Years

202314 AugMonFather's Day Holiday
20228 AugMonFather's Day Holiday