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Samoa Public Holidays

Discover upcoming public holiday dates for Samoa and start planning to make the most of your time off.

Samoa celebrates 11 public holidays each year. The laws governing public holidays in Samoa also grant the Samoan government the authority to set one-time holidays throughout the year if the occasion arises. In many cases, when a prominent member or former member of government dies a public holiday for mourning is declared.

The labour laws of Samoa have recently changed. Prior to 2008, all businesses except emergency services and pharmacies were required to close on a public holiday. This ensured that everyone was entitled to that day off. For those working emergency services, the government encouraged employers to provide premium pay to the employees or provide a different day off in lieu of the holiday.

New labour laws allow all businesses to remain open on public holidays if they desire. This is due to the increase in tourism on the islands. Businesses are now required to offer their employees a day off in lieu of the holiday if the employee must work on that date. It is up to the employer through their work contract if the employees receive premium pay for working on those dates or if the days are paid non-working holidays.

Holidays which occur on a Sunday are celebrated on the following Monday. If a two day holiday occurs on a Sunday, the holiday is celebrated on the following Monday and Tuesday. Saturdays are normal working days in Samoa and any holiday which occurs on a Saturday remains on that date.

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