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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Samoa

Samoans observe Mother’s Day as a national public holiday every second Monday of May. The holiday is sometimes called “Mothers of Samoa Day” locally. As in other countries, it is a day set aside to honour mothers and their contributions to the family and to society. In Samoa, where mothers are particularly central culturally, Mother’s Day is all that more important.

20229 MayMonMother's Day Holiday
202315 MayMonMother's Day Holiday
202413 MayMonMother's Day Holiday
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In Samoa, Mother’s Day is a time for family outings and togetherness. Kids give cards, small gifts, and affectionate hugs to Mom, and they may also take her out to eat or to a spa or beauty salon. There may be special meals where extended families reunite around Mom and pay their respects to her. And it’s not uncommon to see families head to the beach on Mother’s Day.

In modern times, Mother’s Day began as an American holiday and then spread throughout most of the rest of the world, including to Samoa. But that doesn’t mean everyone celebrates it exactly the same way. Food, traditions, and cultural values differ from place to place.

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202110 MayMonMother's Day Holiday
202011 MayMonMother's Day Holiday
201913 MayMonMother's Day Holiday
201814 MayMonMother's Day Holiday
201715 MayMonMother's Day Holiday