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Coronation of King Vajiralongkorn

Coronation of King Vajiralongkorn 2025 and 2026 in Thailand

The sitting monarch in Thailand is seen as the “representative of the divine among men”. He is highly revered by the people, and Coronation Day is a public holiday commemorating the official instalment of the current monarch. The present king of Thailand is King Vajiralongkorn.

20254 MaySunCoronation of King Vajiralongkorn
5 MayMonCoronation of King Vajiralongkorn Holiday
20264 MayMonCoronation of King Vajiralongkorn
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Vajiralongkorn had been crown prince since the year 1972 and took control in 2016 after the passing of his father and predecessor. But his coronation ceremony did not take place until 2019. He is also called Rama X because he is the tenth king in the Chakri dynasty.

Vajiralongkorn’s coronation was the first event of its kind in nearly 70 years in Thailand and was widely attended. Crowds lined the streets, and the royal procession continued deep into the night. There were many aspects to the coronation service, including the king performing Buddhist rituals with holy water, wearing the 16-pound Crown of Victory, and sitting on a throne of gold. Vajiralongkorn promised to rule righteously and for the good of the people of Thailand. Every year, people again remember their king and may visit the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

Previous Years

20244 MaySatCoronation of King Vajiralongkorn
6 MayMonCoronation of King Vajiralongkorn Holiday
20234 MayThuCoronation of King Vajiralongkorn
5 MayFriCoronation of King Vajiralongkorn Holiday