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Citizenship Day
Northern Mariana Islands

Citizenship Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Northern Mariana Islands

Each 4 November is Citizenship Day in the Northern Mariana Islands to celebrate the acquisition of US citizenship by qualified residents of the islands.

20244 NovMonCitizenship Day
20254 NovTueCitizenship Day
20264 NovWedCitizenship Day
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Northern Mariana Islands was discovered by Ferdinand Magellan in his round the world trip in 1521. They were thereupon claimed by Spain and became a Spanish colony. But in 1899, Spain gave up control of the islands to the German Empire.

After World War I, Germany lost control of the islands to the League of Nations, which then handed them over to Japan.

During World War II, US forces invaded and conquered the Northern Mariana Islands and held them to the war’s end. The islands became a UN trust territory but were administered by the United States.

Finally, in 1976, the people of Northern Mariana Islands voted in a popular referendum to become a US commonwealth. But it wasn’t until 10 years later, on 4 November 1986, that the people of these islands became US citizens. This was such a huge benefit to them that 4 November was thereafter dubbed “Citizenship Day” and remains a public holiday in Northern Marianas Islands.

Previous Years

20233 NovFriCitizenship Day Holiday
4 NovSatCitizenship Day
20224 NovFriCitizenship Day