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Takai Commission Holiday

Takai Commission Holiday 2025 and 2026 in Niue

Niue celebrates a unique holiday each 2 January called Takai Commission Holiday. During this celebration, everyone decks out their cars, trucks, or other vehicles to look as bright and festive as possible and then drives them all over the island to show off.

20252 JanThuTakai Commission Holiday
20262 JanFriTakai Commission Holiday
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“Takai” comes from a Polynesian word meaning “to go around”, which explains a lot as to the vehicular parading! The whole first week of January is also Prayer Week in Niue, which means there are a lot of special church services with a focus on prayer during Takai Commission Holiday. Additionally, there are sports events, parades, song and dance events, and more.

But the motorcade is easily the main event. Each village has its own group of vehicles, and there are 14 villages. Each group drives down the same 40-mile-long stretch of road, throwing candy to watching children as they pass by. This is a major holiday in Niue, and many businesses and government offices will shut down for the day.

Previous Years

20242 JanTueTakai Commission Holiday
20232 JanMonTakai Commission Holiday
20222 JanSunTakai Commission Holiday
20212 JanSatTakai Commission Holiday
20202 JanThuTakai Commission Holiday
20192 JanWedTakai Commission Holiday
20182 JanTueTakai Commission Holiday
20172 JanMonTakai Commission Holiday