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Peniamina Gospel Day

Peniamina Gospel Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Niue

In Niue, the adoption of Christianity by the nation as a whole is celebrated during the public holiday called Peniamina Gospel Day.

202428 OctMonPeniamina Gospel Day
202527 OctMonPeniamina Gospel Day
202626 OctMonPeniamina Gospel Day
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The first Christian missionary to visit and work in Niue was John Williams. Williams was sent out by the London Missionary Society, arrived in Niue in 1830, and amazingly kidnapped two native children that he might teach them and convert them. These two were rejected by the islanders, however, when they tried to return to their former life and convert others.

One of the two children, Niumaga, fled to Samoa. His friend Peniamina tagged along. In Samoa, Peniamina converted to Christianity under the ministry of George Turner. He also learned reading and writing skills. Finally, Peniamina came back home to Niue on 26 October, 1846 and started preaching to the people. Many people converted, and today, Niue is overwhelmingly Christian.

Although the date of Peniamina’s return was 26 October, the holiday is celebrated on the fourth Monday of October to approximate the historical date while also creating a three-day weekend. Many churches will hold special services and events to remember Peniamina Gospel Day.

Previous Years

202323 OctMonPeniamina Gospel Day
202224 OctMonPeniamina Gospel Day