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Tamu Losar

Tamu Losar 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Nepal

The Tamu, or Gurung, people of central Nepal celebrate their new year annually on the public holiday called “Tamu Losar”. This is a time of great family gatherings, feasts, and joyful cultural events. The holiday is based on local calendar systems but tends to fall near the end of December, not far from Gregorian New Year’s Day.

202430 DecMonTamu Losar
202530 DecTueTamu Losar
202630 DecWedTamu Losar
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The major celebration takes place in Kathmandu and surrounding cities and villages on or near 30 December, which is the fifteenth day of the month “Poush” on the Gurung Calendar. This date is considered to mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring in Nepal.

The main cultural events include colourful parades, songs and dance, exhibitions of humour and skills, and the consumption of delicious festive foods like rice-flour donuts and “achaar”, a kind of hot and spicy pickle. Food stalls line the streets in Kathmandu and other localities for three days on end, and everyone gets a taste of traditional dishes from around various regions and from different families.

Many continue to celebrate for a full week at home, even when the official events have ended, and it is common to stay up and outside each day till the stars can be seen in the night sky.

Previous Years

202330 DecSatTamu Losar
202230 DecFriTamu Losar