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Angam Day

Angam Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Nauru

Angam Day is a public holiday celebrated every 26 October on the Pacific island state of Nauru.

202426 OctSatAngam Day
28 OctMonAngam Day Holiday
202526 OctSunAngam Day
27 OctMonAngam Day Holiday
202626 OctMonAngam Day
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Angam can be translated as “jubilation”. And the holiday arose due to the jubilation over the population of Nauru recovering twice after periods of decline. After World War I, the Australian administrator of Nauru stated that the population of the island was too low and would need to reach at least 1,500 if the Nauruan race was to ultimately survive.

The population of Nauru reached 1,500 on 26 October, 1932, with the birth of “the Angam Baby” and a national holiday called “Angam Day” was declared.

However, during World War II, the population of Nauru again ebbed low, to a little over 1,100 right after the war. Once 1,500 had again been reached, on 31 March, 1949, Angam Day again began to be celebrated. But the date of the holiday is still based on the first time the population reached 1,500 in 1932 instead of the second time in 1949.

Today, Angam Day is a time to celebrate the history and culture of Nauru. It’s a time when the perseverance of Nauru’s people through times of difficulty is highlighted and when the many achievements of the nation are put in the spotlight.

Previous Years

202326 OctThuAngam Day
202226 OctWedAngam Day
202126 OctTueAngam Day
202026 OctMonAngam Day
201926 OctSatAngam Day
28 OctMonAngam Day Holiday
201826 OctFriAngam Day
201726 OctThuAngam Day