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Public Holidays

Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a calendar of all 2017 public holidays for Kiribati. Please scroll down to view.

The Republic of Kiribati is an island nation located in the Central Pacific Ocean. Consisting of 34 islands, Kiribati is spread out over 1.351 million square miles, is located north and south of the Equator and is split by the International Date Line. Changes have been made to the Date Line to ensure that the entire country remains on the same day. Kiribati has a very small population of only about 100,000 people, and a majority of this population lives on the island of Tarawa Atoll.

Kiribati celebrates 15 public holidays each year. Seven of these holidays occur within a one week span, giving the island nation seven full days of celebrations. A few of the holidays that are celebrated in Kiribati will change dates each year. These are religious holidays and their celebration dates are calculated on the lunar cycle.

The government of Kiribati will announce the official dates of the upcoming holidays at the end of each year. This information is published in the Government Gazette and all employers are required to acknowledge and observe these dates.

Public holidays are regulated by the Public Holiday Ordinance, Section 6. This Ordinance has been amended twice to allow government officials to declare special one-time holidays if necessary.

The Labor Laws of Kiribati do not specify if employees are entitled to receive payment for public holidays. It is assumed that it is the option of the employer if they wish to provide a day off with pay for these dates. These laws also do not specify if anyone working on these dates is entitled to a day off in lieu or receive a premium wage on that date.

Cultural Celebrations and Island Holidays

Kiribati consists of 34 separate islands and each of these islands may have celebrations specific to their territory and cultural beliefs. Different linguistic, religious, and cultural celebrations take place throughout the Kiribati islands.

The government of Kiribati does not recognise these celebrations as public holidays and does not require employers to provide time off from work to attend these events.

Public Holidays 2017

1 JanSunNew Year's Day
2 JanMonNew Year's Day holiday
6 MarMonIn honour of Women's Day
7 AprFriNational Health Day
14 AprFriGood Friday
17 AprMonEaster Monday
10 JulMonGospel Day
11 JulTueNational Day
12 JulWedIn honour of National Day
13 JulThuSenior Citizen's Day
14 JulFriNational Culture Day
7 AugMonYouth Day Holiday
5 OctThuEducation Day
8 DecFriIn honour of Human Rights and Peace Day
25 DecMonChristmas Day
26 DecTueBoxing Day