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Labor Day

Labor Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Guam

Guam, like the mainland USA, observes Labor Day every first Monday of September. This differs from most other countries, which observe Labor Day on 1 May.

20242 SepMonLabor Day
20251 SepMonLabor Day
20267 SepMonLabor Day
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The most auspicious Labor Day event in Guam is The Labor Day Picnic, which is organised for Government of Guam employees and their families. Thousands attend, and they invariably share the food with each other in the tried and true tradition of Guam hospitality.

There will also be a Labor Day parade, a few special labor-focused events, labor union rallies, outdoor picnics and barbecues, and numerous sports events. Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer and the last chance to go on a short vacation before the kids go back to school. Many flock to the beaches for a swim, have an at-home festive dinner, or both!

Previous Years

20234 SepMonLabor Day
20225 SepMonLabor Day
20216 SepMonLabor Day
20207 SepMonLabor Day
20192 SepMonLabor Day
20183 SepMonLabor Day
20174 SepMonLabor Day