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Guam Public Holidays

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Guam celebrates 12 public holidays each year. These 12 holidays include 8 that are celebrated in the mainland of the United States and 4 that are island specific to Guam.

Guam labor laws do fall under the guidelines of the U.S. Department of Labor. However, the Guam Labor Code of 2000, Articles 1000, 1011, 1025 regulate the holidays on the island itself. Under the Guam Labor Code all employees are entitled to a day off from work for public holidays.

Employers have the option to provide the day off with or without pay as part of their benefits package. However, if the employee is required to work on a public holiday, they must be offered a day off in lieu of the holiday or paid at a premium rate for work performed on those days.

The government of Guam retains the authority to create one-time public holidays for special events. In addition, the U,S, government has the right to proclaim one-time public holidays and they would also apply to Guam.

Holidays that occur on a Sunday are moved to the following Monday for government workers in Guam. In most cases, people who work outside of government positions do not move their holidays forward unless their employer decides to observe this practice. It is not required by law for private employers to move holidays.

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