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National Sports Day

National Sports Day in Fiji

National Sports Day in Fiji has been celebrated in June since 2014. The date of this holiday can be adjusted as seems fitting by the government, and in some years it may not occur.

The purpose of National Sports Day is to encourage all Fijians to take part in all manner of sports events and to give recognition to both the value of sports and to Fiji’s professional athletes.

Fiji’s government organises numerous special events for National Sports Day, meant to promote sports as a way to stay physically fit, to engender community and local and national pride, to boost Fiji’s economy, and more. And the recreational value of sports is certainly also highlighted.

Rugby is the most loved of all sports in Fiji, and so there will be plenty of rugby matches going on during National Sports Day. But also look for soccer, cricket, boxing, karate, water sports, and other sports events to be going on.

Previous Years

201829 JunFriNational Sports Day
201730 JunFriNational Sports Day