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Fiji Day

Fiji Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Fiji

Fiji celebrates its public holiday called Fiji Day every 10 October to commemorates the signing of the Deed of Cession in 1874, which initiated a 96-year long process of gradual granting of independence from British rule. On the same day, 10 October, in 1970, Fiji finally became a fully independent nation.

202410 OctThuFiji Day
202510 OctFriFiji Day
202610 OctSatFiji Day
12 OctMonFiji Day Holiday
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In fact, the whole week leading up to and culminating in Fiji Day is also celebrated as “Fiji Week”. Fiji Week is a time of focus on the unity of Fijians despite their great ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity. There are numerous cultural and religious events by ethnic Fijians and descendants of Indian immigrants. And Christians, Muslims, and Hindus all put on performances.

At the very spot where the Deed of Cession was signed in the town of Levuku, now part of the capital city of Suva, the main Fiji Day event takes place. A reenactment of the signing of the Cession takes place, with people dressed up the way they would have looked back in 1874. And there is also a time of speech giving, by the president of Fiji and others, in Albert Park.

Finally, also look for a military parade, festive cannon blasts, national anthem performances, oratory contests, and much more.

Previous Years

202310 OctTueFiji Day
202210 OctMonFiji Day