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National Gospel Day
Cook Islands

National Gospel Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Cook Islands

Cook Islands celebrates National Gospel Day on 26 October to commemorate the day in 1821 when the first Christian missionary brought the Gospel to the islanders. His name was John Williams, and he was sent by the London Missionary Society. He and his wife began their ministry in Tahiti but eventually made their way to the Cook Islands along with some Tahitian evangelists.

202426 OctSatNational Gospel Day
28 OctMonNational Gospel Day Holiday
202526 OctSunNational Gospel Day
27 OctMonNational Gospel Day Holiday
202626 OctMonNational Gospel Day
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Arriving on Aitutaki in 1821, Mr. Williams soon had some converts, and the Gospel began to spread from there to other islands in the Cook Islands chain. As the islanders were very receptive, Christianity spread quickly in the Cook Islands and most living there today are still Christians. The old idols were destroyed, churches built, and the culture deeply affected by the Gospel message.

Quite naturally, the celebration of Gospel Day is focused at the local churches. But it also extends beyond them. There are special church services, Gospel Day pageant competitions, re-enactments and plays about the coming of the Gospel to the Cook Islands, fireworks displays, and much more. Families may also gather to read Bible verses that present the Gospel, to spend time together, and to feast and have fun.

Previous Years

202326 OctThuNational Gospel Day
202226 OctWedNational Gospel Day