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Labour Day
Christmas Island

Labour Day 2025 and 2026 in Christmas Island

Christmas Island, a territory of Australia, chooses to observe Labour Day its own way. The holiday is observed during the second half of March, either on the third or fourth Monday of the month, each year.

202524 MarMonLabour Day
202623 MarMonLabour Day
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This differs from most nations that observe Labour Day on 1 May and from various Australian states and territories that observe Labour Day in either March, October or May.

In the past, a huge phosphate mine on Christmas Island employed much of the population. Today, many are involved in the tourist and recreation industries. Traditional farming and fishing also play a part in the local economy. Labour Day is the day when workers of all walks of life are honoured for their contributions to the community and to their own families.

Previous Years

202418 MarMonLabour Day
202320 MarMonLabour Day