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Children's Day

Children’s Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Vanuatu

In Vanuatu, Children’s Day is an official public holiday observed every 24 July. It was first celebrated in the capital city of Port Vila only in response to the UN-affiliated Committee on the Rights of the Child. Today, however, it is celebrated country-wide.

202324 JulMonChildren's Day
202424 JulWedChildren's Day
202524 JulThuChildren's Day
202624 JulFriChildren's Day
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Government agencies, educational institutions, churches, businesses, and families all put an emphasis on the value of children. There is special stress on fighting child abuse, but for most, it is simply a day for children and parents to spend extra time together.

Every year, there are parades, concerts, public speeches, sports events, and other celebratory activities in honour of Children’s Day. Additionally, it is common to give one’s children a special gift on this occasion and to take them somewhere fun. Tourist with children traveling with them will find many opportunities to take part in Vanuatu’s Children’s Day events

Previous Years

202224 JulSunChildren's Day
25 JulMonChildren's Day Holiday
202124 JulSatChildren's Day
202024 JulFriChildren's Day
201924 JulWedChildren's Day
201824 JulTueChildren's Day
201724 JulMonChildren's Day