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Prince of Wales' Birthday

Prince of Wales’ Birthday 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Tuvalu

The Monday nearest to 14 November, when Prince Charles (Prince of Wales) was born, is a Tuvalu holiday. The date was moved only slightly to allow a three-day weekend for Tuvalu’s working population.

20227 NovMonPrince of Wales' Birthday
202313 NovMonPrince of Wales' Birthday
202411 NovMonPrince of Wales' Birthday
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It may seem odd that a far flung Pacific island nation would have the birthday of the heir to the British throne as an public holiday. But that’s exactly the case with Tuvalu.

As part of the British Commonwealth of Nations, Tuvalu officially recognises the sitting British monarch as its own monarch. Thus, they not only celebrate Prince of Wales’ Birthday but also Queen’s Birthday and many other holidays originating from the UK.

Tuvalu gained its independence from the British Empire in 1978, but it retained Queen Elizabeth II as its official head of state. In reality, however, Tuvalu is fully independent and run by its own elected government. And most of the powers the Queen has are administered by a Governor-general.

Plus, exclusively Tuvaluan ministers advise Queen Elizabeth on all matters related to the few powers she actually does possess in Tuvalu.

Interestingly, the “dominions” gained equal status under the British crown from the 1926 Balfour Declaration. Thus, there was a virtual continuation of the royal status of Queen Elizabeth II in Tuvalu from before that nation’s independence and continuing afterwards.

Previous Years

20218 NovMonPrince of Wales' Birthday
20209 NovMonPrince of Wales' Birthday
201911 NovMonPrince of Wales' Birthday
201812 NovMonPrince of Wales' Birthday
201713 NovMonPrince of Wales' Birthday