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Queen Suthida’s Birthday

Queen Suthida’s Birthday 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Thailand

In Thailand, the birthday of the current queen is a national public holiday. Queen Suthida’s birthday is on 3 June and is celebrated as Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday throughout the kingdom. If 3 June comes on a weekend, then the holiday is observed on the following Monday.

20243 JunMonQueen Suthida's Birthday
20253 JunTueQueen Suthida's Birthday
20263 JunWedQueen Suthida's Birthday
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The previous queen was Dowager Sirikit, and her birthday is still a national holiday too. But now it is observed as “National Mother’s Day” every 12 August. Queen Suthida became the new queen of Thailand on 1 May in 2019 and took over HM the Queen’s Birthday celebration from 2019 onward.

Suthida was born in the year 1979. She is a graduate of Assumption University, was once a flight attendant for Jalways Airlines, and later, for Thai Airlines. Then Suthida became a member of the royal Thai bodyguards who were jointly responsible for protecting the crown prince of Thailand. Eventually, she married the crown prince after he had become king. It was a romantic love story the likes of which are normally reserved for fictional accounts, but this time it really happened!

For HM the Queen’s Birthday, public and private buildings all over the country are decorated for the occasion. The decor is especially prevalent in Bangkok, where lights, floral decorations, and pictures of Queen Suthida line many of the streets every 3 June.

Previous Years

20233 JunSatQueen Suthida's Birthday
5 JunMonQueen Suthida's Birthday Holiday
20223 JunFriQueen Suthida's Birthday