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King Vajiralongkorn's Birthday

King Vajiralongkorn’s Birthday 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Thailand

The birthday of King Maha Vajiralongkorn, also called King Rama the Tenth, arrives every 28 July and is a public holiday in Thailand.

202028 JulTueKing Vajiralongkorn's Birthday
202128 JulWedKing Vajiralongkorn's Birthday
202228 JulThuKing Vajiralongkorn's Birthday
202328 JulFriKing Vajiralongkorn's Birthday
202428 JulSunKing Vajiralongkorn's Birthday
29 JulMonKing Vajiralongkorn's Birthday Holiday

Rama X has been king over Thailand only since 2016, when his father King Bhumibol died after a 70-year reign. Vajiralongkorn was a clear successor since he was Bhumibol’s only son. Vajiralongkorn was already 64 years old upon ascending the throne.

Thailand long kept Bhumibol’s birthday every 5 December, and they continue the tradition with a new king and a new date. Many Buddhist temples have special events and receive alms for the monks. Some also release birds or turtles to bring good luck.