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National Day of Thanksgiving
Solomon Islands

National Day of Thanksgiving 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Solomon Islands

In many other countries around the world, 26 December is known as Boxing Day or Saint Stephen’s Day. But in Solomon Islands, it is designated as National Day of Thanksgiving.

202426 DecThuNational Day of Thanksgiving
202526 DecFriNational Day of Thanksgiving
202626 DecSatNational Day of Thanksgiving
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Coming on the heals of Christmas Eve and Day, National Day of Thanksgiving is like “second Christmas”. It’s a time to relax and recover from the activities of the past few days and reflect on the blessings bestowed upon the people of the Solomon Islands.

National Day of Thanksgiving is also a time to get out to visit family, explore the natural beauty of these South Seas islands and their many beach shores, and to tour important historic and cultural sites.

The vast majority of Solomon Islanders today are Christian, due to the efforts of 19th Century Christian missionaries. Today, Solomon Islands has one of the largest populations among South Pacific nations (over 600,000) and is on rate to double in population every 30 years.

The course of history of Solomon Islands plus the present relative peace and prosperity are certainly reasons to be thankful every 26 December.

Previous Years

202326 DecTueNational Day of Thanksgiving
202226 DecMonNational Day of Thanksgiving