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King's Birthday
Solomon Islands

King’s Birthday in Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands was granted independence from the British Empire in 1978, however the country is still in the British Commonwealth of Nations, and the King of England is also King of Solomon Islands. Therefore, the King’s Birthday is a public holiday in Solomon Islands as well.

The King’s Birthday is not celebrated in the UK on the actual birthday of the current British monarch. As it can be difficult to organise parades and other festive events in the winter, the custom has arisen of celebrating this holiday sometime in June without regard to when the King was actually born. This tradition started up with Edward VII and was revived by George VI, who was born in the month of December.

The exact date of King’s Birthday varies from country to country, but it’s usually sometime in June. In Solomon Islands, it is celebrated on the second Saturday of June.

In Solomon Islands, there are often big parades, particularly in the capital city of Honiara. This is also a day of rest and recreation and many people spend it eating with family and friends.

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