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Independence Day
Solomon Islands

Independence Day 2019 and 2020

Independence Day In the Solomon Islands is on 7 July each year and is the most celebrated day of the year.

20197 JulSunIndependence Day
8 JulMonIndependence Day Holiday
20207 JulTueIndependence Day

The islands have a long, little known history that stretches back thousands of years, but it wasn’t until Spanish explorers visited the islands in 1568 that they became known to much of the outside world. Later, Dutch and French explorers passed through the region as well, but it was the British who ultimately colonised what is now Solomon Islands. In 1893, the British government officially declared Solomon Islands to be their possession.

During World War II, the Japanese occupied much of the archipelago, but U.S. marines and other combat troops drove them out during such brutal battles as Guadalcanal. In the aftermath of the war, the desire for independence was strengthened.

In the 1950’s, local councils were established. Then, elections were allowed during the 1960’s. Next, a new constitution was put in place in 1970, which created a single governing council instead of having both a legislative and an executive council.

In 1973, when oil prices rose dramatically, Britain began to think it could not afford the costs of maintaining its remaining colonies. Thus, in 1976, Solomon Islands gained limited self-government; and on July 7th, 1978, they became fully independent.

Independence Day is a time of family reunions, sports events, dancing, and other cultural and patriotic events. The main event, however, is the parade in the capital city of Honiara.