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Queen's Birthday
Papua New Guinea

Queen’s Birthday 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea, the Queen of the United Kingdom’s Birthday is an official public holiday. It occurs on the second Monday of June rather than on the sitting Queen’s actual birthday, on 21 April.

20208 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202114 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202213 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202312 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202410 JunMonQueen's Birthday

The main celebration in the U.K., where the Queen’s official birthday is on a Saturday in June will be close to the official celebration in PNG but not quite the same date.

There are sometimes official celebrations at hotels in Port Moresby, and some people will be knighted for their public service if they make the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

But much of the day is filled with sports matches, fireworks displays, and other celebrations and events. And many will be off work, and all the public schools will be closed down.