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Youth Day

Youth Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Palau

Palau honours its young people with a special holiday called Youth Day on 15 March. The purpose of Youth Day is to encourage Palau’s youth to become actively engaged in government and society in constructive ways and to improve or expand government programs aimed at helping young people.

202215 MarTueYouth Day
202315 MarWedYouth Day
202415 MarFriYouth Day
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Youth Day also simply celebrates the important role and value of “the next generation” and calls attention to the fact that the youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow.

There is a government awards ceremony every Youth Day where exemplary young people are singled out and honoured publicly for their contributions to the national or local well being. There are also many parades, competitions, and youth conferences held throughout Palau.

Young and old alike will get 15 March off work or school. Aside from the festive events focused on youth themes, many may also head to the beaches, go shopping, or find other venues of entertainment.

Previous Years

202115 MarMonYouth Day
202015 MarSunYouth Day
16 MarMonYouth Day Holiday
201915 MarFriYouth Day
201815 MarThuYouth Day
201715 MarWedYouth Day