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United Nations Day

United Nations Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Palau

To most of the world, 24 October is United Nations Day. In Palau, UN Day is a public holiday, but since 2009, Palau has celebrated in on the first Friday in October instead of the usual date in order to create a long holiday weekend.

202424 OctThuUnited Nations Day
202524 OctFriUnited Nations Day
202623 OctFriUnited Nations Day Holiday
24 OctSatUnited Nations Day
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United Nations Day marks the day in 1945 when the UN Charter went into effect. At the time, Palau was under US control, having been captured from Japan during World War II. Then, Palau was a UN Trust Territory run by the United States for almost half a century. But in 1994, when Palau became an independent republic, it quickly joined the UN on 15 December.

Since the UN had made United Nations Day an international observance to be observed by all member states back in 1971, Palau wasted no time in making it a public holiday and celebrating it with gusto.

Previous Years

202324 OctTueUnited Nations Day
202224 OctMonUnited Nations Day